To improve our client's understanding of what unique value they have to offer (technology and people), and to support them in capitalising on this value by defining, articulating and implementing their mission to acquire and retain customers.

Managing Director

Tom Leuchtner is the Principal Consultant at InMentors.  With nearly 20 years experience working at technology companies such as Netscape, Lotus, cc:Mail, AOL, Sun Microsystems and NetManage, he has served as a senior product manager, marketing and sales director, advisor, board member, investor and chief executive.

Tom has been part of more than 10 product teams that have reached millions of corporate customers and end users, producing products such as Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, Netscape Navigator, Netscape SuiteSpot, and NetManage Chameleon.  His expertise ranges from enterprise software to desktop applications to hosted web services.  In addition, Tom has for 7 years worked and lived outside of the US managing field marketing and strategic sales.

Results Network

Also working with InMentors are a number of global and highly competent partners who offer complimentary expertise such as marketing communications, sales development, sales training, sales recruitment and executive support.  Please click on the links for more information.